Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Malala Yousafzai The Hidden Truth

Today the world and especially the whole Pakistani nation is forced to make their mind set that Malala Yousafzai is the girl of the nation, she is the star and she represents Pakistani women. Let me clear, who is making Malala famous, who is giving you ideas and reports regarding Malala? Yes it is no other than media. Think for a while, there is no Malala and everyone is busy in showing hatred against the anti Islam film. The image of America in Pakistani society is going towards downfall. People in the form of rallies discouraging drone attacks. Our media is on the forefront in the cause.

Just  if you are wondering, pic on left appeared in British Media today.

What happened next? Suddenly Malala Yousafzai appeared on the scene media reported she was attacked in Swat while going to school with her fellows. Of course when so ever there comes such news that 14 years old girl shot by someone, this thing must be condemned by everyone. Why Malala was attacked so late, after a year ago after operation Swat? Why she was attacked soon after the release of anti-Islamic film. Why media is giving so much hype to the issue? Why Obama shared words for Malala, why she always appeared in the pictures with American people? Why Chief of Army Staff is visiting Malala? Why ISPR is giving messages for Malala’s health?

Yes these are the questions that one should think with open mind. Most of you must have remembered the incident of Arfa Kareem, yet there was coverage but no political and army official was involved on such a wide scale. There was no such support from America. Media is working on its theory known as Magic Bullet Theory, forcefully it is taking attention of people from one issue to another that is in the benefit of America. There is no single person who can think over the strategies behind.  Take the case of Mukhtara Mai, all was scam but she got famous just because of American support. So this is the background.
We here are not disgracing Malala, she is truly a face of proud for Pakistan and we are praying for her health. What do you think, is this attack is done by Taliban? The responsibility of this act is taken by Taliban, as Hamid Mir receives a text from the group. On the other hand Rehman Malik is saying that there is a new Talbanic group who is accepting the responsibility. We are now forced to think that this is just an American propaganda, everything is clear from the back ground picture, the present scenario and who will get benefit from all this.
  Why the other girls that were with Malala not  given an appropriate coverage by media. They were also injured. There are lots of questions that must be answered by our politicians and media.

Now after this Malala incident:
Are you against the killing of Talibans?
Now do you remember the past reaction of anti-Islamic film that was created by Americans?
Do you think there should be drone attacks for the killing of Talibans
Readers, you will not find such an exclusive story anywhere else, PakMuZone is working on the facts and true things. What do you think Malala Yousafzai incident has created soft corner for America in Pakistan. It is all due to Media and with the help of few corrupt politicians. We people are being used in the hands of media. The innocent proud of Pakistan is working for America, although she is unaware of the fact. We have found some pictures, on which we don’t want to comment. The decision of truthfulness of this case is on the judgement of readers. We are neutral neither supporting Talibans nor do Americans. These are just facts; we are not giving conclusion for this it is up to the readers what they takes out from the whole story.    


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